Welcome To The Reason & Magic Blog!

Here you will find the latest news, views, updates, products, patreon levels, stunts, weirdness and miscellaneous craziness from The Atheist and The Witch!

Firstly, we’d like to welcome you all here to our home in the ether of the net! We’re so glad you have joined us on our merry journey! Whether you followed us over from Passion Pinups, Chrissy Kittens or were recommended by friends, if you are weird and odd, you are home!

So…what should you expect here?

Welllll., let’s see if we can explain the full eclecticness of it all…


chrissy, henceforth referred to as “The Witch”, is an animal lover of all sorts. From spiders to snakes, turtles to reptiles, skunks to cats to dogs…she will find the ones nobody wants and give them a home. She is a also a white light practitioner, practicing witch (hence the name), lover of nature, (since she was a little girl and made the EPA aware of illegal building going on next to her house) and a very accomplished pen and ink artist who dabbles in candle making and sculpture on the side.

I graduate of Monmouth University, and although The Witch knows the way of the learned, she is also a wild child, having ridden motocross motorcycles during her youth and never saying no to adventure and good times. Tough enough to ride a motorcycle but yet soft enough to be a popular pinup model…

She is a witch, one would say…of many ways.

So across all our sites and social media you will be seeing her dalliances in all their forms put out there for your perusal. 


brittles, henceforth referred to as “The Atheist”, has moved through many realms in his years. An avid reader of comic books since he was a kid, he picked up a BMX bike at age 12 and then spent almost two decades doing every possible aspect of the sport. From racing to freestyle, announcer to promoter, he wore many hats. As an adult, he picked up a computer in his late 20’s and never looked back. From there he embarked on web design, illustrating, photography, videography, editing, producing, magazine production and even moonlighting doing odd comedy bits here and there. The internet and computers opening up a world he could only have dreamed up when he was doing things like running his own freestyle team and producing a local ‘zine about BMX in New Jersey in the mid 1980’s.

An artist as well, only in the digital realm, The Atheist works in 3D art with programs like poser and Daz Studio to create many different versions of inspired, powerful, feminine art.

Unlike The Witch, brittle’s belief system lies somewhere in the realm of a mixture of the teachings of Joseph Campbell and Stan Lee. Myth and morality intertwined in his day to day life and the struggle to stay on the side of right in a system that pushes people to do wrong.


For over 15 years, we have been having adventures together, some easy, some rough, some normal, some odd, but always interesting that we hope you will find interesting as well!

Our aim is to be an inspiration to others who don’t fit society’s norms. Who stick out. Who are often ridiculed. Whom others deem “weird”, and show them all that, yes, you can thrive in this swarming sea of humanity, grow older, but not up, and have doing it on your terms.


So…with all that being said, the Reason and Magic Blog will be the gateway to:

The Witch’s art, candles, photosets, adventures, animal mishaps and craziness, capped off with a podcast and video highlights to put it all together!

The Atheist’s fantasy art, BMX riding, writing, views on life, and the projects that create our little fantasy world bubble here at our place “The Cottage Conundrum”

Witherfore and beknownwith (I just made that up….) don’t think so much that by following our adventures you are joining us…think of it more as…we are joining you.


This may be “where reason meets magic”…

but together we all know…

They call us weird,

They call us odd,

They don’t like us,

We don’t care.