Atheist & Witch Magazine Issue 2! Winter 2020-2021

Atheist & Witch Magazine Issue 3 Spring 2021

By The Atheist The Witch in Atheist & Witch Magazine

56 pages, published 3/28/2021

Ostara arrives and we delve into the warmer months with great photography, spells, musings, art and much more for all those creative, open minded people out there! Join us as we welcome the longer days with:Alisa Pipken, Gabriella Nobella, Miss Diesa, Sassy Lassie, Sawyer St. Sin, Zoe Hill, Lidi, Gail Noble, Debra Marston, The Black Rose Witch, Trixie Green, CherryDoll, Dark Raven, Aurora Hazze, words from The Black Rose Witch, words from Rev.…

The third issue finds us welcoming our second spring in the era of A.V. (After Virus). Trixie Green is on the cover as welcoming the spring sol with a photo  by Ginger Snap Studio! Please follow the link above or below and get your copy! May Ostara find your warmer days every so lovely!

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