Atheist & Witch Magazine Issue 2! Winter 2020-2021

Atheist & Witch Magazine Issue 2 Winter 2020-2021

By The Atheist The Witch in Atheist & Witch Magazine

56 pages, published 12/5/2020

Tis’ the season for issue 2 of Atheist & Witch!Our yuletide, long dark issue highlights some lovely ladies, handsome gentlemen and other things to delight you for this time of year!Card pulls, art, mixed drinks…biscuits!Come one, come all and enjoy this new issue of Atheist & Witch!They call us weird.They call us odd.They don’t like us.We don’t care.Where reason meets magic you will find…Atheist & Witch

Our second issue and we couldn’t be more happy to have all the contributors we did for this issue! Artists, models, photographers and pet lovers all gathered together to make this sophomore issue even grander than our premiere!

We hope everyone has a blessed yule, embraces the cold of the long dark and gives thanks to those have made it through another year!

We welcome you to our mysterious land of oddness of weirdness…

The land of

Atheist & Witch!