Atheist & Witch Magazine Issue 1! Fall 2020

At long last the premiere issue of Atheist & Witch!
Sadly we were a little short on other content besides pinup style photos… so we improvised and did a few write-ups and pieces of art ourselves! BUT…we still want YOUR artwork, stories and anything else you’d like to see in print in the genre of our publication! The content that we did get was AMAZING! We mean look at that cover! Holy cow, it fits the direction of the magazine perfect! There were a few other photos in the running for the first cover as well…but this one just had to be it once we saw it!
It was really heartening to see everyone like our new direction and go with it! So take a look inside for yourself! Grab a copy at the link above and feel the lovely caress of real paper between your fingertips once again!
Hey…as we all know once the apocalypse comes, all that we’ll have left is print anyway!
Thank you everyone and we look forward to many more issues of Atheist & Witch to come!
Submissions are open now for the winter-yule-long dark issue! Pinups, photos, artwork, articles, opinions, stories, we want to hear from you!