brittles is "The Atheist"

Self described as being the “infection in the body of evil”, brittles uses pop culture, science, logic and reason to muddle his way through this crazy life.


Dividing his time between a full time job, riding a little BMX, and being the designer and graphic artist behind The Atheist and The Witch, brittles can normally be found discussing the world’ s issues with his love of over 15 years, chrissy “The Witch”.


Videography, photography, editing and writing take up some more of his time, while keeping up the 140 year old Cottage Conundrum, takes up the rest.

chrissy is "The Witch"

The Witch is chrissy and chrissy is The Witch. A lover of nature since she was a little child, The Witch has fought for the earth since she was old enough to dial the EPA.


Worshiping a tree is how she finds her peace in this chaotic world and taking care of her assortment of small animals from spiders, to snakes, reptiles, turtles, cats, dogs and even chickens fills her soul with happiness.


The world seems to move in chaos but this white witch keeps those forces at bay.

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