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They call us weird. They call us odd. They don’t get it. We don’t care. Where reason meets magic you will find… Atheist & Witch

Back in 2006, brittles ran a small local ‘zine centered around his involvement in BMX in New Jersey. Over time he learned about a company doing small run print publications and decided to try his hand at making a full color glossy BMX magazine. For 3 years he ran BMXNJ magazine and learned a lot about layout and design during that time.


Around then we started getting into doing pinup photoshoots with me (chrissy) and submitting the photos off to pinup magazines on the internet. During that time I also gained a small amount of notoriety as “Chrissy Kittens” with my website and pinup page on Facebook. 


After a couple of years of submitting to magazines brittles decided to devote a whole magazine to me!, LOL!, (very flattering hot stuff!) and started putting that out to my fans. Seeing all the effort he put into it I started to put up on my Twitter and the magazine’s Twitter (Passion Pinups) that we were looking for models…and we began to get swamped!  Our little pinup thing began to take on a life of it’s own and we met some just amazing people along that journey of about 3 years of making that magazine.


About 6 months ago, we both got turned on to the idea of “podcasting” and how fun it was to listen to them on our daily commutes or working out. During a fateful drive to work one morning the name “The Atheist and The Witch” popped into brittles head and he asked me what I thought. I LOVED it, and told him it sounds cool and it seems like something we could do so much with, more even than we are doing with the pinup magazine. It’s what we are and are about so it seemed perfect.


Sadly, this meant something had to give and that something was going to be Passion Pinups. After some discussion, we decided to move on from that and bring the idea of a magazine over to this idea which already was going to include, podcasts, videos and merchandise. What better way to immortalize what all of us freaks and weirdos do than with a magazine to hold in our hands! What about all the pinup people we have bonded with? Well…we’ll invite them over but just let them know the format has changed! Which brings us to the next chapter and what Atheist & Witch Magazine will be.

What Are We Looking For At Atheist & Witch?

Well, that is the question of the moment. Let’s start though with where we left off at our last magazine. Pinups.

YES! We still want pinups! What signifies what we are all about more than how we dress, make up ourselves and just let our “freak flag fly”?!

But…at Atheist & Witch we are looking for certain kinds. We want the witches, the warlocks, the gothic, the vampires, the dark, the mysterious. We will be picky, but we will be encouraging of all! So, we welcome you to submit your photos, just please be understanding and realize with this new format we are going to be focusing on a different genre and sticking to it! In each issue we are looking for about 10-12 models to fill the pages which will put us at about 20 pages of pinups! Be creative, let us know WHO you are and what you are ABOUT! 

Pinups are great…but come on, we are more than that!

People don’t call us, weird, odd, different, peculiar, strange and so on because we fit the mold! We break the mold, melt it down and recast it the way we want!

So here is what else we are looking for!

Articles, op-eds, how-to’s, fiction, any type of writing related to the gothic, the pagan, the philosophical, the unknown, if it’s interesting and offbeat, we want to take a look and consider it for our pages. Send it in!

That’s not all though…

Pinup photography is great, but so is photography in general. We are looking for any type of pagan, gothic, moody, interesting photos and the people who take them. Send them over and be immortalized forever in print! The internet only lasts as long as the power does…when the lights go out…your copy of Atheist & Witch will hold you over.

Lastly, the reason we both even started to dabble in all these genres, we hope to see some of our listeners, watchers, readers, friends, followers and likers, artwork. 

Do you do any pagan, gothic, odd, offbeat, interesting art? Witches, witchcraft, punk, cyberpunk? Send it in! Show us your talent, let us slip you between the pages forever!

Did we not mention something here that you think would fit in with our direction? Don’t be afraid to let us know! Hit up our contact form and speak to us or email 

We hope to hear from you so don’t be shy…we’re introverts too, but every once in awhile someone comes along and says come play and you just have to go out and meet those new friends!

Atheist & Witch looks forward to seeing your submissions and wishes you many blessings in all your endeavors!

Have fun…

Harm none,


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