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I grow brighter.

Thank you all for coming to visit us. We are brittles (The Atheist) and chrissy (The Witch) and together we are… “The Atheist and The Witch”.
Here you will find all sorts of musings, ramblings, art, photography, lifestyle and love of two people who live life different than many…though maybe not that different from you!
We ride bikes, do art, raise and rescue animals and do our best to “have fun and harm none”.
Come join us on our journey’s around the sun on this crazy little green and blue ball and maybe you’ll find someone who thinks just like you and isn’t afraid to let it be known.
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Welcome to the wacky, wonderful world of The Atheist and The Witch, chronicling their adventures at The Cottage Conundrum!
Stay fairy dusted friends!

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Our Art

The Atheist Uses Technology

brittles is the computer nerd who rides BMX. A few Mac machines keep him creating all types of graphic pinup art. From the erotic to fairy’s and witches he has over 17 years experimenting with the form. He’s also an avid photographer and loves to dabble in Final Cut Pro to get all of The Atheist and The Witch’s content together. Take a look at some of his designs by hitting the link and then follow that to his merch store

The Witch Uses Pen and Ink

chrissy has been drawing in pen and ink since she was a child. While her Father wanted her to go to art school, she instead decided to pursue a biology degree, deeming that more realistic for a job in our society. Over the years though she continued to practice her craft and her love of drawing has continued to shine. With no formal training she has made many lovely pieces that can be see by clicking the link below.

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You’ve not only made my dream come true but you have been such wonderful support. You have made myself and photographers so proud. You can’t bottle up the happy tears hun. Thank you Chrissy from me to you x!
Chrissy and Brett are two wonderful, unique and special folks. Their open, friendly and accepting attitudes made me feel welcome and gave me the courage to submit some material to their magazine. I'd never been in a magazine before. I love their motto "Have fun, harm none". Working with them has been a complete pleasure and I'm very grateful to have had the opportunity.
I have had the wonderful privilege of working with Chrissy & Brett on several different issues of Passion Pinups and I must say I could not ask for two better or more experienced people for someone just starting out as a model myself. They always answered all my questions , are very professional and made sure it was an amazing experience. I can’t wait to work with them again on the new venture.
Chrissy and Brett are holders of the handsomest most bodacious homestead in South NJ. Talents and abundance on the YouTube sensation The 5 Minute Riff lent humor and witchy sexy tales and talks that hardly ever stayed under five. That’s who they are rebels, light sabers in the darkness of ignorance, and believers in justice.